Art Work from Seed Beads require Patience

If you are new into jewelry making industry, you need to take your time and learn how things are done, because a lot of creativity, keenness and patience are required to understand how things are done. Until you create your first sell able jewelry product, you will need to master all the techniques and understand that all the projects follow one rule, which is that the way you string the seed beads will determine what you will get. In other words, you can make or break the piece you are working on.

The use or thread or wire you are using needs a bit of practice but the good news is that all projects have formula to make them easier, and in this case you will have to learn the simple tricks and tips that veteran jewelry designers use to create the magnificent products that have put them where they are, business wise.

In any type of threading work while creating seed beads jewelry, tension is always an issue when the threading is not done right. At times when threading you will realize that your piece may become too tight or loose, and the ultimate solution is to dismantle it and start again. This can be heartbreaking but when you understand that, it will not happen to you a lot.

Use the Tail When you start working on a piece, cut the thread or wire about 4 inches longer and leave the extra length without the beads when you start threading. Wrap it around your finger to maintain the tension that you need, and keep adjusting it as you work on your piece. Do not leave it too loose because the tail you have wrapped around the finger will solve the tightness, and hence you should concentrate on working on the looseness. When you are through and the tension is okay, you can get rid of the extra piece of threading and complete your piece.

Fraying Problem As you string the seed beads, you may notice that the thread may start to fray. This can be fixed by waxing it properly before you start threading, but the ends may still give you problems too. To be completely safe on this problem, ensure that the holes of the beads you are using are smooth, and if not you can use a bit of sandpaper to smoothen them.

Patience The size of the seed beads calls for patience when working with them, because they are very small and can be a challenge to thread. They are sized from number 1 15, with number 1 being the largest. When you are working with seed beads number 11 for example, you will need to string about 12 of them to make an inch.

All in all, seed beads create magnificent pieces and art work, and in most cases you will find them being used on designing attractive patterns on fabrics. All you need is to learn how to work with them and you will enjoy producing the final products.

Jewelry business start ups are usually challenging for those people who do not have good sources for jewelry making supplies to buy their stock. The way we dress and beautify ourselves has been made simpler in different ways, and one of them is through the introduction of snap jewelry.

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