DynamoDB Services to GovCloud Offering

Cloud hosting provider Amazon Web Services announced in a blog post made late last week that it had added two additional cloud services to its GovCloud offering, a separate set of cloud resources designed to meet the compliance needs of US government agencies, and the applications and businesses that serve them.

According to the blog post, made last week, Amazon’s GovCloud offerings now include Amazon Relational Database Service, which enables users to run database instances built on MySQL, Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server, with RDS handling database administration and scaling work. It also now offers Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL database offering that includes SSD storage and automatic replication across three Availability Zones.

In the US (as in many other countries), government agencies have always been an important segment of customers for IT services, a circumstance that has only increased with the advance of cloud. However, like any business dealing with sensitive data, the US government has strict compliance regulations around the kinds of businesses and systems from which it can acquire those services. Amazon says its US GovCloud framework adheres to US International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

The US Government has been working to make the purchasing of cloud services a simpler prospect for agencies, as it sets goals for consolidation of government data center resources within cloud environments. Some of those programs have struggled.

The news of the new database related features for GovCloud follows an October announcement that added high performance computing support, elastic load balancing, auto scaling and a few other features.

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The new solutions provide more functions for handling large volumes of data, including the NoSQL service DynamoDB, which Amazon said in June was the fastest growing new service in the history of AWS. Customers have been using the service to handle large volumes of data in exciting ways, which should make the tool exciting to both government agencies and the organizations that develop tools for them.

Talk back: Do you provide IT or cloud services for government agencies? Do you use Amazon’s GovCloud services to power any solutions that you deliver to the US Government? Have you dealt with other markets in which compliance is a key consideration? Let us know in the comments.

Liam Eagle (1557 Posts)

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