eleven August Email Security Report Sees Highest Spam Growth Rate in Two Years

The volume of spam email increased by 56.4 percent in July abd a 56.6 percent increase in June.

The report also shows that a large share of the volume can directly be attributed to Germany, which ranks number 3 on the list of the top spam sending countries in the world. In July, German computers were found to be the origin of percent of all spam emails.

The Grum botnet was the third largest in the world. Despite being shut down on July 18, 2012, the spam volume increased by three times higher than the week before.

The report also included other trends, such as Saudia Arabia producing 8.2 percent of all spam emails in June, jumping to 25.5 percent in July, and therefore replacing India as the number 1 spam sending country in the world.

India was in second with 15.6 percent, the US in sixth with 2.9 percent, and new entries by Argentina at number 8, and Spain at number 10.

Meanwhile, advertising for pharmaceutical products continues to be the dominant spam theme with a share of 56.2 percent, followed by job advertisements with a 8.8 percent share, and casino spam with 4.9 percent share.

There was also a significant boost in the concentration of spam distribution among just a handful of countries, with the five biggest senders in July accounting for 58.2 percent, compared to 36.0 percent in June and 33.0 percent in May.

Spam share of the total email volume increased proportionately to the growth in spam volume, with June accounting for 76.9 percent of the total volume and July seeing 83.4 percent.

The months of June and July also saw a trend toward targeted email attacks against users from individual countries or customers of specific companies continued. .

And finally, there was an increase in the number of spear phishing attacks targeted against specific users.

Talk back: Are there any specific spam trends you have noticed in protecting your own customers email? What kind of security solutions do you offer to your customers in protecting them from spam email? Let us know in the comments section.

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