Fox News Latest Attack on Obama

Assuming everyone knows of the recent "String of attacks" passed between Obama and Romney, I just want to talk about how useless this entire thing is. I try to be as un biased as possible.

Election year is a major phenomenon in any country. The masses pick their candidate to "guide" them and their country to greatness and glory. Of course, if its a president like Obama, things only get harder.

Not to say he a bad president; ending Don ask Don Tell, investing in cleaner energy and bringing troops back home from Afghanistan were some of his achievements in the past few years.

A flaw in WPS, or WiFi Protected Setup, known about for over a year by TNS, was finally exploited with proof of concept code. From this exploit, the WPA password can be recovered almost instantly in plain text once the attack on the access point WPS is initiated, which normally takes 2 10 hours (depending on which program you use).

This exploit defeats WPS via an intelligent brute force attack to the static WPS PIN. By guessing the.

Written news was first delivered by an elaborate courier service used by the Pharaohs nearly 4,500 years ago. About 2,300 years later, Romans would post public announcements via bulletins carved in metal or stone. Fast forward 1,600 years to the first monthly handwritten gazette published in Venice, the forefather of modern newspapers, which didn become commonplace until the early 17th century.

The rest is history. Radio, television, and finally, the dawn of the digital age.

Now, newspapers struggle to stay in circulation, magazines have become staples of waiting rooms rather than home.

We all seen FOX News commentators get worked up about silly non issues. It occurs more than we like, but what happened last week on popular morning show FOX and Friends was not only a misleading and pointless attack on video games, it was an unintelligible attack on a mediocre and forgotten game from 2007, along with a handful of recent indies that no FOX and Friends viewers, or any of their close family members, had ever heard of before this broadcast.

Watch til the end. It only gets worse.

SimCity Societies was the first SimCity not designed by Maxis. and it showed. The game was a.

Some interesting news this week, from Obama new political ad, to the $20,000 payments by Cardinal Dolan. Take a look:

Cardinal Dolan Quiet on $20K Payments to Pedophile Priests

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the archdiocese of New York is keeping quiet today after his old diocese, the archdiocese of Milwaukee, confirmed that under his leadership the church paid individual sums of $20,000 to priests accused of molesting children. Dolan, who became a cardinal in February and serves as the head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, is recorded discussing the payments in the minutes.

In late 2011, representative from China, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan submitted a proposal called the International Code of Conduct for Information Security (ICCIS) to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon that called for international consensus of a global set of rules and regulations that standardize information flow on the internet.

The ICCIS sets forth specific "principles of maintaining information and network security which cover the political, military, economic, social, cultural, technical and other aspects."

The ICCIS mandates that countries not be allowed to use information and. military or the CIA.

Brennan and his small team at the White House now consult with the State Department and other agencies on who should go on the target list. This change has reduced the relevancy of the Department of Defense in the decision making, according to the Associated Press.

After consulting with others in the administration, Brennan is in a position to.

Despite endorsing Obama in 2008, JFK’s daughter Caroline now considers Obama a "liar," according to a family source in Edward Klein’s new book on Obama called "The Amateur."

Caroline’s past support for Obama, which was mirrored by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, caused a riff in the family. In fact, Klein writes of an incident where Bobby Kennedy Jr. got in his uncle Ted’s face over Ted’s support for the president.

Some of the Kennedys’ diminishing support for the president is due to the Obamas snubbing several members of the Kennedy family on multiple occasions one that sent Ethel Kennedy on a.

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