All New Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Leaked Updated

All New Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Leaked (Updated)

With rumors of the Active and Prime versions on the immensely popular Galaxy S5 circling the web for the past few weeks, today, we’ve got some clear proof of the upcoming Active variant.

Courtesy of TK Tech News, we can see a rigid frame, fully capacative buttons for Recents, Home, and Back, as well as what appears to be a gorgeous AMOLED display the biggest gripe with the Galaxy S4 Active was its dumbed down 720p display, so this is a very welcomed change.

The device, sporting model number SM G870A (the AT model), runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat, but we don’t anticipate any significant software changes from the original S5, and the remainder of the internal specs are in line with the current model:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Adreno 330 1080 x 1930 resolution 15.9 MP rear camera

Considering that the device is already loaded with AT bloatware suggests that it’s not too far off from seeing the shelves. What do you think? Interested in a more rugged, tougher device, or is it overkill on Samsung’s part? Sound off in the comments below.

UpdateAs the videos keep coming, we continue to get more information on this device. Aside from the "better" display, one big improvement over the standard S5 is that the Active version will come with Optical Image Stabilization!

Yes, that rattling you head is the camera module in motion. Basically, it will move to counter the shakiness of your grip. While the standard S5 has shake protection, it is software based. The OIS on the Active model will really set this device apart from the competition.

Other exclusive features include Activity Zone, which will show reading from the Active’s exclusive barometer, as well as a compass, flashlight, and stopwatch.

And the hardkey above the volume rockers? Nope, the power button is on the other side this bad boy is a dedicated "Active Key". You can use this key to take a photo, launch an app, or toggle music. This, is friends, is something I wish all manufacturers would place on their devices. And with products like Pressy getting crowdsourced funding, there is clearly a demand for the feature.

And finally, what would a leak be without a comparison video, and TK Tech News has us covered:

With Nexus devices already enjoying Android 5.0 Lollipop, most other manufacturers are scrambling to get their flagships updated to Google latest operating system. While HTC has promised Lollipop by the end of 2015, OEMs such as Motorola and Sony have already issued updates to their latest models. Then there Samsung.

The guys over at SamMobile have shown us previews of what Lollipop could look like on the Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, and Note 4, but today, the first Android 5.0 firmware has leaked, and it available for installation on the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S5 right now. variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, some of which confirm features seen in the leaked 4.2.1 ROM for the Galaxy S3.

The NatureUX skin (TouchWiz) has been updated, but it hard to know what is different based on the screenshot. The settings screen opts for a lighter base compared to the S3, but this could be a possible built in theming element. You can also see a new tabbed approach to Settings, as evidenced by the top tab bar. The Specs

While some of the images have been blurred, we can take.

If new leaked images are to be trusted, an iPhone with a display around 5 inches will be released later this year. From Italian site Macitynet, images show a device that stated to be the new iPhone 6 side by side with the new Samsung Galaxy S5. A couple of weeks ago, I showed you leaked internal emails and memos that suggested Apple was concerned with not only Samsung marketing strategy, but about the industry trend towards larger devices.

Additionally, we saw larger screens, molds, cases, and batteries for what is presumed to be the next iteration of the iPhone. Today leaks confirm.

If you like free stuff and own a Samsung Galaxy device, then you entitled to two free popular movies in the Google Play Store but you better hurry fast, because there only a certain number of free downloads available.

The deal comes from Lionsgate, who is heavily promoting the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1, and the two free movies up for grabs are Hunger Games and Hunger Games: Catching Fire. They only giving it away to the first 200,000 downloaders (per movie), so act fast. To get them, you have to first install Lionsgate promotional Hunger Games Movie Pack app from.

There are a lot of apps in Google Play for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that let you create, edit, and view Microsoft Office files on the go, but none match up to the power of an app called Polaris Office for Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, the newest version, Polaris Office 5, only works on the Samsung Galaxy S4. When Facebook user Deeb Zeal asked Polaris about the availability of their updated office app on other Android devices, he was given this response. As it turns out, it a bunch of politics and bullshit that ends up depriving users of great applications either you purchase the Galaxy.

A new leak of screenshots from the US variant of the S4 have leaked, as well as new information. I discussed it here, but the basics are:

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