Floods Death Toll feared over 3000

Floods that spawned an exceptional deluge, during Pakistan monsoon season, wreaked havoc across the northwestern province of the country, killing over 1200 people. Officials state it could easily topple 3,000. The Pakistan Floods death toll can skyrocket if rescue efforts are stalled by continued rain. Aerial views using the Pakistan flood map show troubling signs.

death toll could go as high as 3,000 because the level of destruction has been so great, Mujahid Khan, chief spokesman for Edhi rescue service, said by telephone from Peshawar at the weekend.

This recent news of the Pakistan Floods death toll does not bode well with officials keeping close watch over the catastrophe. With many areas wiped out, farmers are seeking jobs, and recovering from the ravages of conflict between the Pakistan army and militants. Jobs in Pakistan are certainly tough to come by.

The Pakistan flood map, below, shows the northwestern province of Punjab, under Pakistan control, that weather officials fear could be the next hardest hit with heavy rains, and possible flooding, causing a larger death toll. Even minor flood damage can raise the death toll beyond the present 1200 killed. Coupled with this, widespread news in Pakistan points to the spread of water borne illness. Cholera is already suspected.

Officials fear that flood damage in Punjab (seen on the Pakistan flood map), a more heavily populated area of Pakistan, could mean widespread loss of life with a death toll beyond current estimates. Relief efforts have been interrupted on many fronts by poor conditions that left roads and bridges impassible. destruction is massive. troubling news underscores the importance of providing relief, fast, so that the areas impacted can benefit from the production of jobs that the restoration efforts are sure to bring. The need for jobs in Pakistan is paramount, especially from a country that has weathered its stress from a faltering economy and war against the Taliban, a terrorist regime. Punjab can possibly provide a safe haven for those scores of people displaced from the flood.

With news of the Pakistan Death toll over 1200, scores of jobs sought, and possible flood damage threats to neighboring Punjab on the Pakistan map, many are wondering if they can ever recover from this disaster.

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