Columbus Day Activities For Preschool Classroom

Columbus Day is fast approaching and preschoolers will love exploring and learning about Christopher Columbus.

Preschoolers love adventure and bringing the holiday into the classroom will benefit the kids greatly by exposing them to the history as well as exposing them to the various lessons to better prepare them for their future.

You are going to stick with the water/boat aspect in art so there are endless possibilities. You can also have the children glue craft sticks to a paper boat then add fabric for a sail. You can have the kids drop paint on a piece of paper then blow through a straw to make art. Explain how wind helped propel Columbus’ ship across the ocean. Be sure to print out pictures of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria to have displayed on the table for the kids to look at.

This is my favorite center. Have suitcases and clothes available for the kids to pack. Have the kids pack up for a long sea voyage. Talk about what they would want to take. Then have a boat (made out of refrigerator box, etc) for the kids to set in. Use bamboo sticks or any sort of paddles to allow the kids to pretend to row a boat. They will love pretending to be Columbus.

In the water table, have plastic boats or a self made boat with sail. Have preschoolers blow on the sail to propel the boat forward. You can also have a race. Also, set out a globe and allow kids to trace the path of Columbus.

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