CloudPassage Study Finds More Big Data Apps Destined for Public Cloud Hosting in 2013

The biggest use case for public cloud hosting is deploying external applications, according to a CloudPassage survey released on Wednesday.

Forty one percent of respondents surveyed by CloudPassage say that they use cloud servers for their external applications, while 36 percent report that they use public cloud hosting for deploying internal applications like HR, CRM and ERP.

One third of respondents use public cloud hosting for internal development and testing, and 29 percent host ecommerce applications in the public cloud.

CloudPassage finds that big data is a key driver in 2013 for public cloud adoption, with 70 percent more people planning to use public cloud environments for temporary workload and big data next year compared to 2012. There is some evidence that there are some limitations when it comes to big data applications and public cloud however, which was the driver behind the launch of SoftLayer new big data solution, launched at the beginning of December with its partner 10Gen, which uses dedicated servers for better performance and scale characteristics than cloud hosting.

According to CloudPassage, increase of public cloud can be attributed in part to the fact that specific security concerns are beginning to diminish.

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The WHIR spoke to CloudPassage chief evangelist Andrew Hay about some of the risks of cloud hosting, and ways they can be mitigated, including ensuring that a cloud server is patched.

CloudPassage finds that 23 percent of respondents are concerned about the lack of perimeter defenses and network controls in the public cloud, while 8 percent were afraid of providers having access to their guest servers. One quarter of respondents are worried about multi tenancy in the cloud.

and compliance in the public cloud is not just a pipedream, but a reality that will have tremendous impact on the way companies architect their computing environments, Carson Sweet, CEO of CloudPassage said in a statement. fact that more organizations are deploying business critical applications on public cloud infrastructure is a sign that the cloud market is poised for a dramatic uptake in adoption. finds that the greatest areas of concern for organizations considering public cloud are security, compliance and loss of control. CloudPassage says this cloud be attributed to the lack of guidance for companies looking to achieve compliance in the cloud.

Service providers like Quality Tech have tried to lessen these concerns around cloud compliance by creating a program that manages the move of healthcare applications off premise, ensuring secure delivery and HIPAA compliance.

It also seems that cloud customers are more aware of their role in terms of cloud security, with more than three quarters of respondents understanding that cloud security is their responsibility.

CloudPassage conducted the survey among a pool of 201 respondents, with 95 percent of them coming from the US.

Talk back: How do you find your customers attitudes changing about public cloud hosting? What kinds of services are you offering to distill security or compliance concerns around cloud hosting? Let us know in a comment.

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