Deploy and Manage OpenStack Clouds for Web Hosts

Rackspace announced on Monday its plans to build OpenStack deployments for other hosting providers and telecommunications companies.

The announcement comes a few weeks after OpenStack launched its seventh release, called Grizzly, which saw 56 percent more contributors from the last release, Folsom.

According to a report by GigaOM, Rackspace says this new service is an extension and formalization of advice it has already been giving service providers who want to offer cloud services but don’t know where to start.

This service will see Rackspace share its best practices for OpenStack design and implementation, and create custom OpenStack clouds for service providers. Rackspace will specify hardware and software infrastructure and handle automated testing, updates, and monitoring with "carrier grade" SLAs, according to GigaOM.

Through the new program, Rackspace plans to build an interoperable, "federated cloud of linked OpenStack deployments," according to ComputerWorld, effectively scaling OpenStack infrastructure as a service across the world. Partnering with local providers will help Rackspace push OpenStack into emerging markets as local providers tend to have a better handle on the specific needs of customers in their region.

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Some say the move is another way for Rackspace to take on AWS, while others question the point of Rackspace setting up its competitors with the same tools it uses to compete in the cloud. Rackspace says it is no different than when it "took its code and open sourced it to people who may have been considered competitors."

The market for professional services around OpenStack is growing as enterprise adoption increases. Recently, OpenStack systems integrator Mirantis received a $10 million investment to grow its OpenStack deployment and support services aimed at service providers and enterprises.

Rackspace already offers training and certification for OpenStack through a program it launched last October.

So far, the details of the program are sparse, and Rackspace won’t name any telcos or service providers who have signed on.

Talk back: Will Rackspace’s new OpenStack deployment service make it easier for other service providers to compete in the cloud? Would you buy these OpenStack services from Rackspace? Let us know in a comment.

by Nicole Henderson on Wednesday, August 24 2011

August 24, 2011 Web hosting provider Rackspace Hosting announced on Wednesday that it has launched professional training courses for OpenStack. The sessions are delivered by Rackspace Cloud Builders, and will provide hands on training for OpenStack developers and administrators. According to the press release, the training will cover the basics of setting up, administering and troubleshooting OpenStack clouds in real world situations. Read More

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